3D Bioprinting

A rapidly expanding area of regenerative and personalised medicine

3D Bioprinting


3D printing technology was invented over 30 years ago for industrial production, and has recently been rapidly expanding in the area of regenerative and personalised medicine.

3dprintOxford MEStar has developed 3D bio-printing techniques, products and services to fit the needs of personalised medicine. By applying powerful software, Oxford MEStar bioengineers are able to utilise clinical computed tomography (CT) imaging data to reconstruct defects in the body and provide PetAssist™ service for animal post-cancer treatment.

Using a modified 3D printer coupled to a precise dispensing system, Oxford MEStar scientists are developing the technology of dispensing hydrogel/cells onto a biocompatible scaffold to fabricate tissue-like three-dimensional biological constructs OMEFlex™. The aim of our work is to fast fabricate human tissues on the hospital bedside.

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